Driving on the Green...

Last summer a good friend of mine (Michelle H.) and I took golf lessons. It was a lot of fun, learning the game (I've heard referred to as, "Oh Sh--") and it's nice to be able to spend a few hours outside smacking the crap out of a tiny ball!

Now that the heat (and unfortunately, humidity) is creeping into the Lowcountry I'm beginning to get a hankering for the driving range! I love the way it feels when, with my driver in hand, I swing through the air and hit that white, dimpled ball a hundred or so feet (even more so when it goes the direction I'd planned). I feel strong, especially in my pink polo and khaki shorts! ;o) Golf season, here I come!



On Monday, April 13th B's and my beautiful niece was welcomed into the world. Her name is Capri and she was 8lbs 2oz and 20 inches long. While, we weren't there for her birth (it was in California) we were in spirit as we were getting text and call updates from Aaron (the proud papa) and Patty (the excited grandma) throughout the day.

I spoke with Melissa (mommy) and she said everyone is doing great and raved about her epidural (LOL). B and I have made plans to meet our new niece and oh yeah, see everybody else in the family.


Hello, My Name is Michelle and I'm an addict...

"It's not a habit, it's cool I feel alive If you don't have it you're on the other side..." That lyric by K's Choice pretty much sums up my addiction. I've spent countless amounts of money on it, I've driven to another state to get it, I am excited when I buy it, and I use it everyday.

Vera Bradley handbags and accessories are my addiction. If I were to compare it to something, it would be to tattoos. I don't have any myself but I've had many of my friends tell me that one is not enough. So, too is the case with Vera Bradley bags.

Twice every year, VB comes out with new styles and patterns for the accessories at the same time older colors and styles get retired. The older colors inevitably have followers who are dismayed, but the fresh crop of bright hues find themselves into hearts eventually.

Today, I'm expecting my Easter present to myself; a new clutch, a cosmetics case, and a handbag. All were on clearance (as the colors I chose are being retired) so I'm even more thrilled with my buy. I feel like a little girl on the eve of a holiday, where I'm sure to get a treat. Where will I be able to use it first? How can I work it into an outfit? I'm so excited to get home and see the FedEx box waiting for me. Only one hour left, until I can play with my new goodies!


The Thorn, Chicks and Twilight...

This going to be a rather long post because I have a lot to say about lots of things, so I figured, what the heck, I'll just mash them all together into one post! I hope you can keep up with my rambling.

The Thorn
"A barrier was built between God and man, a barrier God was not willing to let stand...to remove the barrier, sacrifice had to made." Wednesday evening, Lindsey and I went to see The Thorn at Seacoast Church in Mt.P. Having never seen or even heard about it before; I wasn't too sure what exactly my night would entail. I thought it was going to be like watching The Passion of the Christ, live and to be honest, I was a little nervous.

When we arrived at the massive church and walked into the gathering area (the narthex) we wound our ways through the crowds, Centurions, village people and smiling faces of the ushers and got our coffee. There is a cafeteria in the gathering area and I was floored that we could bring coffee into the church. I digress, we were shown to our seats facing the stage, which was draped in white fabric and before the event began we were welcomed by the Sr. Pastor.

The show was narrated by John (one of Christ's disciples) after he had been exiled to Patmos and consisted of flashbacks which served to tell the story of Jesus' birth-Crucifixion. It was in a word, amazing! There were elements which reminded me of Cirque du Soleil with the gymnasts and acrobatics also of a Renaissance fair with the sword fighters. Keeping in mind that the players were people from the church baffled me even more. The music was fantastic, top-notch quality. I'll be honest, the beatings and Crucifixion of Christ did bring tears to my eyes, but the show was wonderful. Next year, I'd like to bring B. I think he'd really enjoy it and I'm so glad Lindsey invited me.

This past Thursday, some of the Bible study girls (AKA the Frazzled Females) came over to my place. Rather than doing an actual Bible study (we had just finished an intense Beth Moore study of Esther-I highly recommend), I decided we could do an Easter craft. So, being the good researcher that I am I Googled, "Easter Crafts". Most of them were really cheesy, too hard, or geared more towards children. Thinking to myself, we're frazzled females, we can't make something that would take forever, or Easter baskets out of berry baskets (do they even make those anymore?)! We need something that could be a decoration on a desk or a mantle; something that won't take longer than 10 minutes to complete. Where, oh where would I find such a craft?

Finally I found it! We would make bean bag Easter chicks! The pattern looked easy enough and the part that really caught my eye was "no-sew"! Now, I feel I need to caveat that I'm a fairly good seamstress, I made a quilt during B's first deployment for Pete's sake, so I'm not completely unfortunate when it comes to Singer. However not having to lug my machine out of the closet was a great plus.

I printed out the pattern at work (shhh, don't tell) and bought the felt from Wal-Mart and the eyes, ribbons and pom-pom tails from AC Moore and I already had the beans (I used lentils). Tuesday night, I hunkered down with all my purchases, put on a movie and began making the chick bodies. I decided I would make the bodies and the girls could decorate/accessorize as they wanted.

So, Michelle, Cristin and Lindsey came over Thursday night and we ate Cristin's fab lasagna and put the eyes, beaks, bows and tails on. Here's the final product and I think they turned out egg-celent!

Anyone who has kept up with my Facebook and Twitter statuses would know that I've reluctantly become a fan of the Twilight series. Reluctant because, to be honest, my first reading of Twilight was ok. Wasn't great, wasn't bad...just ok. I'm a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan! My parents and I would watch every Wednesday night when it was on. So it seemed natural that I would like the Twilight books. But for some reason I just wasn't motivated to continue the series. Thinking back, it may have been that I was trying to compare it to the Harry Potter series, which anyone who reads a lot knows, you just can't compare one series to another. No author writes the same and I'm glad that I gave Twilight another chance.

This new-found-interest came about after I watched the movie (which I've seen 4 times since I bought it-call me a dork if you want, but at least I own up to it). I started reading New Moon (the 2nd book) last week and I finished it this morning. I've already arranged with Jill to borrow Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and can't wait till Wednesday when she'll hand them over! I can't wait to see what will happen between Jacob, Bella and Edward. Personally, I'd take Jacob over Edward any day!


Crossing the Bridge, Here and There...

Yesterday, April 4th was the 32nd annual Cooper River Bridge Run. It's a 10k (6.2 miles) race for which people travel from all over the globe to participate. And B was able to participate in the 10k race at their location (they even built a Ravanel Bridge to cross as the finish line) and completed in 55 minutes! We laughed because we figured out that they finished their race before we even started ours...so theoretically they finished before the Kenyans!

Anyway back in Charleston, the day began very early I rolled (reluctantly) out of bed around 4:45 am and donned my running gear and put my hair in the designated pigtails that our group had decided on. A group of us met at Michelle H.'s house where we decided on the caravan and left for downtown Charleston. Once we were parked, we made our ways to the shuttle pick-up location. The shuttles were rows-upon-rows of school buses, it was very well organized and kudos to those who kept all those buses moving. While our driver took us to the start area, us girls tied the ribbons around each other's pigtails. The ribbons were a menagerie of colors and designs from bright pink and white polka dots, neon stripes, yellow flowers to cheetah spots.

When we arrived at the start location and had used the portable facilities we separated into our classes. Jen, Rachel and I were the orange class (aka the walk-joggers). After the national anthem had been played on the trumpet and sung the race began at 8:00 am. The three of us walk-jogged the whole race and stopped periodically to take advantage of photo ops. We did a really good job motivating each other and each person took the lead at some point in the race. We finished really strong on Meeting St. at around 1:43:00 (15 minutes better that my last bridge run).

It was a wonderful time and we eventually met up with our group and then some. Once we had congratulated each other and caught up with others, we walked our tired bodies to Mad River where we enjoyed great food, mimosas and bloody mary's.

I'm a little sore today (the day after) but a good sore. Cheers for next year's bridge run!
**UPDATE: I just got my results, I "crossed the bridge" in 1:33:35! Much better than I thought!**