In My Car I'm a Rock Star...

Brandon is always telling me I should sing more and truth-be-told I really do like singing, but I had a bad past experience when I was around 15. I used to sing in the choir at our church and our choir mistress (sounds a little S&M now that I think about it, regardless) she pulled me aside after practice one day and said, I'm a better harmonizer than a soloist. My dreams of being the next Debbie Gibson were crushed! I had been reduced to a backup singer.

Now, several years later I still do not sing in public, unless incredibly intoxicated or so drowned out that no one could hear me even if they wanted to. But, in my car I am Beyonce! I belt out tunes from Carrie Underwood to Flo Rida like it's my job. I can carry a tune like Charlotte Church, and be an alternative rock star like Live! In my (tone deaf) ears I could be the next undiscovered American Idol.

So to those who will ride in my car; be prepared for some steering wheel karaoke. Join in if you wish, but in my car we're all rock stars!