Isn't prgnancy beautiful?

This is my first blog written via my cell phone, so bear with me if there are typos.

I am 11 weeks now, and I've gone from complete exhaution and nausea to gas an heartburn.  Wow, I feel beautiful!  This past weekend I had to appologize up front to my friends for the rumbling, which begins (one would think) in my toes and erupts out my mouth.  If I enrolled in a burping contest, I think I'd stand a good chance of winning!  Unfortunately, however, burping is not the only ''action'' that happens.  It's like the Sex in the City episode, where Carrie and Miranda are shopping (while Miranda is prego).  Miranda apparently lets out an SBD, to which she responds, ''I can turn off the sound but not the smell!''  Oh, isn't pregnancy beautiful?