Photography Classes...

From July 1 to this past Wednesday (August 6) I have been taking a photography course at the Charleston Center for Photography. I’ve always been interested in photography and frankly kicked myself for never taking classes when I was in school. So when Brandon gave me a Cannon Rebel for my birthday in June, I decided it would be a good idea to learn how to really use it (plus with the baby on the way having a useful nice camera around would be beneficial). A friend of mine, Jen, had told me her hubby had signed her up for a photography class and mentioned it might be fun to take together. Soto make a long story short; I signed up.

What an incredible learning experience! I learned how to do different techniques, within the camera, that I had always thought were done on the computer. I learned how to lighten and darken a subject, how to take portraits, how to use my lens to create a clear “3D” picture or to create blur, and my

personal favorite-how to take night shots! If there is anyone out there who has a general interest in photography or just how to use one of those “nice cameras”; I highly recommend you take a beginner’s class…believe me, it’s worth it!

Here are some of my best and favorite pictures I’ve taken over the weeks. You can also view my galleries here (mine have Michelle T in the title).