Charleston Fashion Week

Charleston Fashion Week is as, the title states, a week of nothing but fashion! I attended the Friday night show with a few of my gal pals. The week was sponsored by the Art Institute and was located in the heart of Charleston, Marion Square. Underneath the crisp white tents hundreds of people gathered to see the epitome of fashion.

Once Lindsey, Katie, Darcel and I got our great seats (two rows behind the reserved seating) we decided to meander around the main tent and get our drinks. With drinks in hand, we took our fancy shoes over to the accessories lounge were we were able to hob knob with other fashionistas about great jewelry and handbags. I even was asked who designed my "adorable shoes". To which I responded, "Mossimo" (I bought them at Target). After perusing the accessories lounge we decided to grace the red carpet with our hotness (as Katie called it). We even ran into another pal, Danielle and her friends.

Once we had seen and been seen, we grabbed another round of drinks and headed to our seats, I got a Kir Royal (Champagne and Creme de Cassis). The fashion show began at 7:05 and was opened by the boutique, Teal. (Incidentally Teal is owned by a fellow Air Force spouse, Jessica, who is good friends with Katie.) Other boutiques featured were iheart, V2V, Mary MoJos, Bitton and Gwynn's. The evening wrapped up with the fashion editor of Charleston Magazine and a previous Project Runway contestant, thanking us for coming, etc. It was "fierce" and what a way to spend girl's night!

Afterwards the four of us headed to dinner at Coast where we ran into Danielle and her ladies and Jessica. The food as usual was wonderful and exactly what we needed to revive us for more socializing. Katie and Darcel made their exits and Lindsey and I strutted to Chai's were we met up with Danielle, her friends and Taryn.

It was a full night but something I'm very glad I finally did. The odds of B and me living in an area where there are yearly fashion shows are pretty slim. So why not take one night to dress up and feel like a fashion guru?

**UPDATE: So I wasn't going to mention this in the original blog post, but since I've been noted for my antics I thought I'd better include it! During one of the intermissions I, along with at least 20 of my closest girlfriends, was waiting in line to use the restroom. Getting antsy; I thought out loud, "I'll go to the men's room if someone else will go with me." I had a taker and she and I ran hand and hand, like we'd known each other for years (guys it's hard to explain why, but women bond in the bathroom), and sauntered into the men's room. A few were taken by surprise and others just went with it. Don't worry I kept my eyes averted and stayed in my stall until I was done. And when I finished I thanked the boys for their hospitality. So there it is, yet again, I pull a "Michelle"**


30 degrees of Seperation...

Well, I just got back from visiting my parents in Maryland and while I had a wonderful time seeing them and celebrating my dad's birthday; it's really nice to be home.

My friend Lindsey and I drove together with her sweet dog, Tess. It was a 9 hour journey (both ways), one in which, Tess decided she liked the view from the floor between the backseat and the driver's seat! Poor girl was so stressed. All in all it was a very uneventful drive and Lindsey and I are still friends!

While in Maryland, my mom, dad and I rode the metro to Washington, D.C. Now, it needs to be said that this was by no means my first trip to D.C. However, it was my first time seeing the historic documents of our great nation. I tried to view the Constitution and Declaration of Independence a little bit ago, but was "unable". Anyway, it was all very neat and I can now check that off my proverbial "to do/see" list. While in the capital, we also went to the the Spy Museum. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone. They have things from the CIA, KGB and other acronymed agencies as well as mementos from film spies (yes, that includes Austin Powers).

Because of the snow storm that hit the area on Sunday night (it dropped 7.5 inches) we decided to fore go the trip we had planned to Monticello (Jefferson's house). The snow and the 3 hour drive both ways was making it look less and less appealing. So we stayed in town and walked around the shopping malls and went to a movie (Paul Blart: Mall Cop--cute movie). Most of our week was like that, very low key.

Tuesday was my dad's 60th birthday and B's 30th birthday! And we celebrated my dad's by making him breakfast and playing Wii and Wii Fit, which, was followed by dinner at a great Polynesian restaurant. B's was celebrated with his coworkers/friends and in lieu of a cake he had banana-nut bread.

On Wednesday, my folks and I traveled to Alexandria, Virginia and walked the quaint old town area. The buildings were really beautiful and reminded me of a smaller version of downtown Charleston. For lunch we stopped at a pub (a converted house) called O'Conelly's. The food was tremendous and it was completed with an Irish server! Once we had explored what we could of the town, we made our way to Starbucks for tea and coffee and saw a security detail. How does one distinguish a security detail you might ask. Well, the fact that all the men were clean cut, wearing (what I can assume is) a standard issue black trenchcoat coupled with a curly ear piece; I'd say it's a pretty good estimate. Still not sure who they were looking after but considering it's the second one I've seen in my life (in an everyday situation) I consider it pretty darned cool!

After the coffee we met up with Lindsey and her mom and I had to wish my parents goodbye. I would be spending the night at Lindsey's parents home so we could leave bright and early (and cold) the next day to come home. When we left Virginia it was 30 degrees by the time we pulled into my driveway it was 65! So from puffy coats to Capri pants; we had over 30 degrees of separation in 9 hours...crazy!

Though my trip to Maryland was relaxing and restful, it was by no means boring. It was a great respite from home and the recharge to my batteries that I really needed.