The Mommyhood...

As in welcome to...I think I can safely say that I'm pretty well immersed in the mommyhood, now. And if someone were to ask me a question about babies (3 month old's and younger), breast feeding, scheduling, acting as a single parent (though I haven't been through a deployment yet...gulp), letting your partner parent his way and getting baby to sleep through the night I could answer it with confidence. That being said, I also am not shy about asking questions of friends, family and other moms who have been through it before me. Of course there are things I've been through that most of my mom circle hasn't (recurrent bouts of mastitis). Most days, I feel confident in myself as a mom but there is that inevitable day or couple of days where my little man will throw me for a loop and cause me to question every single thing I do. There will be times when I look at my friends and think to myself that I missed that chapter in the "mommy handbook". But all I need (and any mother needs) to remember is that I am doing the best I can for my baby and me and remember to
Be kind
Take one day at a time
Have fun