Days One, Two and Three...

For some reason Blogger wouldn't let me post for the past few days so here's the compilation of days 1-3:

Day one is complete and surprisingly it wasn't too bad of a day. I didn't feel crappy (like I usually do after the first day of some past diets/cleanses). It started off with a breakfast of quinoa mixed with almond butter (actually pretty tasty) and almond milk. It was a different texture and taste than what I was expecting (to be honest probably not something I would do on a regular day) but still satisfying. I didn't eat again until lunch time, which I plan to do different tomorrow. Lunch was a spinach salad topped with a veggie burger & salsa followed by 2 apples and some more almond butter (I think next time I'll just have one apple). I drank water with lemon throughout the day and completed 9 glasses! My mid-day snack was a LaraBar. I had heard of them but never had them before and was pleasantly surprised if you get the chance, try them (I found a box of 18 at Sam's Club for $15). Dinner was the chickpea chili topped baked potato. I think this is definitely doable for 6 more days and who knows maybe I'll find a new recipe I love...the "chili" was pretty good, though I think I'll tweak it the next time I make it.

Day two wasn't bad either. But I realized that I should have only been snaking on just an apple not an apple and almond butter (which incidentally is real good). I feel awesome and I noticed that I didn't need my afternoon pick-me-up (aka coffee). Today, I followed the menu as it was on the website.

Day three went great until tonight. I lost my drive and binged a bit tonight before bed. I could blame the fact that I'm PMSing but that would be a cop-out. Anyway, this morning I noticed that my shorts fit better! and it was an all around good day (not counting this evening). I didn't really care for the veggie stir fry, so I'm gonna try to think of a way to revamp it with out adding a bunch of needless ingredients.

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